Marianne Stokes

 Marianne Stokes (1855–1927)

Marianne Stokes (born Preindlsberger) was not a typical fairy tale illustrator, although she created a few exceptional pictures with scenes from popular fairy tales. She was born in Graz (Styria, Austria), studied at several places in Europe until she met her future husband Adrian Scott Stokes who was also a successful painter. While she is not well-known today, she was considered as one of the top Victorian female painters of her time.

Here is her painting of Snow White and, as you know, below you'll find a few interesting facts about Marianne Stokes' life and work.

Check the rich symbolism of Snow White

  • Marianne Stokes wanted to become a painter from earliest age. Yet such occupation wasn't considered suitable for girls and it wasn't cheap either. Her goal was achieved with a strange situation. In her area lived a relatively unknown artist who died without heirs and left small amount of money. While this money didn't matter much, the artist wrote in his will that his inheritance should be invested and after one hundred years (!) given to the most promissing artist in the area. Yes, this promising artist was Marianne Preindlsberger who charmed the juree with her painting Mattergluck.
  • Marianne met her future husband in Pont-Aven France. The couple never had any children and traveled a lot. They also collaborated at different projects. The most wel-know is the book titled Hungary with over 70 paintings. Each one of the Stokes made half of them with Adrian focusing on landscapes and Marianne making portraits with emphasis on fashion details.
  • Mrs. Adrian Stokes, as she liked to introduce herself after marriage, was strongly influenced by Pre-Raphaelits what is pretty clear from her extensive and dramatic use of color red and also her complete abandonment of oils. As most of Pre-Raphaelits she preferred tempera and gesso what gives her paintings a bit of the frescoe impression.